WW2 Bicycles

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this bsa is in fantastic condition. it even has a dunlop 28" front war grade tyre.! rides really well . purchased in arnham area .

bsa airborne R 33438 original bike , little used , original transfers

this bike is almost 100% but for use of brooks B17 saddle .

Appollo Werks Truppen Fahrrad

Appollo Werks Truppen Fahrrad

The german army relied heavily on bicycles for troops all units of infantry and even motorised divisions included bicycles in their standard equipment. The reorganisation of the army in the mid 1930’s stated that the first battalion of each infantry regiment should be equipped with bicycles and throughout the war

Philips bicycle trade pattern heavy duty

Philips bicycle trade pattern heavy duty military Bicycle

In very good condition suitable for KORIAN WAR period c1951

BSA Parabike R17598

BSA Parabike R17598 – Cellar find in Arnhem – not been touched

I have had this cycle for 20 years and got it direct from a good friend in Breda, Holland

German Die Radfahrtruppe Bicycle

German Die Radfahrtruppe Bicycle

Contrary to popular belief the German Army was not fully motorised at the outbreak of war. The Treaty of Versailles had severely limited the Army’s resources, especially within motorisation